Request a Thanksgiving Dinner

Know someone who would otherwise go without a Thanksgiving dinner on south or central Whidbey Island?

Perhaps a neighbor or acquaintance who is elderly and living alone or on a tight, fixed budget… an unemployed person barely making it… a disabled or ill neighbor… a homeless person camping in their car or the woods… or someone who doesn’t drive and is unable to go anywhere for Thanksgiving?

Or perhaps you know someone who works on Thanksgiving… serving our community while others feast with family.

Please fill out our online meal request form for a Thanksgiving meal.  ** Requests for 2024 will begin on October 1, 2024

QUESTIONS about ordering a meal? Call a Mobile Turkey Unit Volunteer at (360) 321-9782 or email [email protected]. Thanksgiving meal delivery is limited to south and central Whidbey Island.

In consultation with the Island County Health Department, all food will be delivered cold.